Compassionate Care

Hopeline Pregnancy Center has been helping women in Connecticut for over 30 years. Our faith based organization is committed to caring for women and their families through our free and confidential pregnancy services.

Our Services

Pregnancy Testing

Have you recently had unprotected sex and are concerned you may be pregnant? Visit one of Hopeline’s three locations today to take a free pregnancy test and get the answer you need. Our trained staff will be on hand to discuss your results and potential next steps during your appointment.


If you have received a positive pregnancy test result, the recommended next step is to have an ultrasound. Hopeline can provide you with a free ultrasound at any of our three centers.

Abortion Info

Facing an unplanned pregnancy? If so, you may be considering abortion as an option. Although we do not refer for abortions, we can provide you with important information regarding different types of abortion, as well as associated risks.

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