Thinking About Abortion?

If you recently found out you are pregnant, you may be exploring your options, including abortion. Prior to making a decision, however, it is recommended that you take the time to gather information about the different types of procedures, as well as any associated risks.

Hopeline PRC can help you work through your options, and provide resources so you can make an informed decision about the next step(s) of your pregnancy.

First Things First

Prior to making a final decision, the first thing you should do after receiving a positive test result is to have your pregnancy confirmed via ultrasound. At Hopeline PRC, we can provide you with a free limited, obstetrical ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy, gestation, and presence of a heartbeat. From there, our staff can help you understand the facts and risks associated with each type of abortion procedure.

Abortion Procedures

The type of abortion available to you depends on the gestational age of the pregnancy. With that said, there are two primary types of abortion: medical and surgical. If you are in your first few weeks of pregnancy, you are eligible for a medical abortion, but beyond that date, a surgical abortion would likely be necessary.

Medical Abortion

Medical abortion is more commonly called the “abortion pill” and requires the patient to ingest two pills. The first pill cuts off the flow of progesterone, while the second induces labor. Occasionally, the entire pregnancy will not be expelled from the body, thus making a surgical abortion necessary.

Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortions can be used to terminate a pregnancy in the first or second trimester. Because of fetal development, surgical tools are used to extract the fetus from the uterus after the cervix has been dilated. Surgical abortions are performed in a doctor’s office or medical clinic.

It is very important that you do not attempt an at-home abortion, as it can be extremely dangerous.

Get Abortion Information

If you are thinking about abortion, we are available to help discuss your options with you. Please schedule an appointment today to meet with a professional and discuss your options. While we do not perform or refer for abortions, we can provide you with the facts and support you’ll need to make an informed decision.