Are you considering abortion for your unplanned pregnancy? It can seem easy to take this road alone and not involve your partner in the midst of all the emotions coming your way. Though it can be vulnerable opening up to your partner about your pregnancy decision, it’s important to be open about what you’re leaning towards.

Even if your partner disagrees with your decision, his input is important, as he will be forever impacted by your decision.

Be Open & Honest

It’s best to be open and honest with your partner about how you feel about your pregnancy. Tell them the reasons why you want an abortion and also consider their input.

Of course, this is only for women who feel safe around their partner. If you are experiencing any sort of abuse from your partner, contact the National Domestic Abuse Hotline. They can assist you with resources that will help you find safety. You are not alone.

Giving Your Partner A Say

Your partner should know what options you’re considering, as he may want to weigh in. Your partner may have input that you didn’t expect.

Your partner should be able to voice his opinion just like you do. We understand things may seem overwhelming, but it’s best to remain open in communication with your partner through decision-making.

If you disagree, consider talking with someone you trust to get more clarity along the way.

Get Pregnancy Confirmation

To confirm your pregnancy options like abortion, you first need to verify your pregnancy details through a pregnancy test and ultrasound. We offer both of these free and confidential pregnancy services at Hopeline.

If you are thinking about abortion, we are here to discuss your options in a non-judgemental space. Schedule an appointment today to meet with a professional to receive abortion information once you’ve confirmed your pregnancy with us.

We can give you the facts and support you need to make an informed decision.