Maybe you’ve gone back and forth between abortion and making an adoption plan. It’s important to understand that no pregnancy decision is easy, but some come with more mental side effects than others. With abortion, a study found that some women experience adverse mental health effects after this procedure, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Feelings of loss

Understanding the mental risks of abortion is essential to making a decision. If you’re looking to avoid abortion’s possible mental health impacts, adoption could be a better option.

Types of Adoption Plans

Adoption has dramatically improved over the years. As the birth mother, you can decide on an adoption plan that works with your lifestyle.

Some women may want to build a relationship with their child, but others may need distance. It’s entirely up to you. The three types of adoption plans include the following:

  • Open adoption: This is the most common type of adoption plan. You decide on the family you want to adopt your child and keep in contact with them. You and the adoptive family will develop a mutual agreement on communication.
  • Semi-open adoption: Contact with your child is still possible. All communication between you, the child, and the adoptive family is made through a third party, like an adoption agency, keeping everything confidential.
  • Closed adoption: A private, closed adoption may be a good fit for you if there are safety concerns at home. You have no contact with the child, and all parties remain confidential.

Learn More About Adoption

We know adoption comes with quite a learning curve, and we’re here to help. Please reach out to Hopeline Pregnancy Center to schedule an appointment.

We can discuss your pregnancy options and help answer your questions. If you want to talk with an adoption specialist, we will also be happy to give you referrals.