You may have questions and concerns about abortion, adoption, or parenting as you face an unplanned pregnancy. That’s normal, and it’s ok to question your options. This decision will impact both you and your partner forever.

As you navigate your options, having your partner pressure you to have an abortion is not ok. You should never feel forced into any pregnancy decision. Explore your options and talk to us today to be informed in a non-judgemental and confidential space.

Trust Your Doubts

You probably have doubts about abortion for a reason. Maybe the risks outweigh the benefits to you for this option. Or you don’t want to risk the emotional effects that come with this decision.

The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons shares that almost 75% of women who had an abortion felt at least subtly pressured into making the decision. And many of these women suffered psychological effects afterward, including feelings of:

  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Regret
  • Self-hatred
  • Worthlessness
  • Being unworthy of love
  • Low self-esteem
  • Anxiety

If you are hesitant, be informed about all your options today. Abortion is not your only option, as adoption and parenting could be a fit for you as well.

You Have the Final Word

No matter what your partner says or pressures you with, you have the final word in your pregnancy decision.

Find answers to your most pressing questions without any pressure to choose any certain option. Our caring team at Hopeline is here to educate you about all three of your pregnancy options so you can get clarity.

Schedule an appointment today or text us at 203-450-9113 to talk with a professional and discuss your options. At Hopeline, we are here for you step by step. We can help you through this challenging decision-making process, empowering you with education on all of your options.